Gooble Gobble exists for one reason: so we, your Gooble Gobble Guys, can watch movies. Yes, it’s true, we’re selfish, and we love watching movies and then discussing them with each other for an audience to listen to. But we also want to give back. So every two weeks we post an episode celebrating the weird, esoteric, unknown, and possibly endangered films we come across streaming online—whether from more official outlets like Netflix or floating around Wild West sites like YouTube—and alert our listeners to their existence and potential merit. Gooble Gobble is doing a public service, but it’s also a cinematic service. We are planting the flag in these movies, for the most part, and that means we are traveling to strange new places and exploring them for those who are unable (re: people with better things to do with their time). Join us as we journey to the far reaches of the cinematic universe in search of films that are in peril of being lost in space forever.

Dan Roe is a filmmaker, cartoonist with his work found in the New Yorker, and videographer currently working for The Ross Institute.

Jules Neuman is a film critic writing for The Movie Blog, a college basketball coach, and works/lives in New York City.

Spencer Holden is an experimental filmmaker and colleague of Dan Roe’s. He is a world-renowned fashionista and an amateur speech pathologist.

Remember everyone, no matter what, to keep Gooblin’ and to keep Gobblin’ along with us.

Film is Life.


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