Episode 16 – Jackson County Prison

Capping off our Two-Part Episode Extravaganza before we spend our summer gearing up for season 2, we come to you with one of the best Gooble Gobble movies ever! Jackson County Jail is as good as a young Tommy Lee Jones is handsome. And guess what? Tommy Lee Jones happens to star in this one! And he’s young! Starring alongside him: a tastefully attractive Yvette Mimieux. This love-on-the-run rebel movie is a little bit country, and a little bit rock-and-roll. There are guns, car chases, shootouts, and some darker, devilish stuff, like rape-revenge and genuine backwater terror. It just never lets up. Two-thirds of your Gooble Guys’ claim this as one of their favorite films (guess who’s the dissenter), and the joyousness really shines throughout this episode. Catch this rough and tumble good time on YouTube! Do it now! And listen to the episode now, too! See ya in two weeks with our season finale! Exclaim everything!

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