Episode 15 – Penitentiary

In Episode 1 of our Two-Part Episode Extravaganza as we near the end of season 1 of Gooble Gobble, and take our little summer vacay, we begin with the work of a true cinematic gem. Jamaa Fanaka’s Penitentiary holds within it all of what makes Fanaka’s films so unique, without ever losing the essence of silliness. Your Gooble Gobble guys got their eyes on this exploitation-prison flick through the wondrous, mysterious world of YouTube, where people post stuff for the sake of it being out there for others to see. Penitentiary is an exploitation film with a soul?a sad, introspective wolf hiding in a fluffy, superficially cartoony sheep’s clothing. That doesn’t do it for you? Then listen to the episode! Maybe it’ll do a better job! And see the movie! Woo! And come back tomorrow for another special ep! 

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