Episode 11 – Easy Money


Easy Money is a heist movie. It’s a romance movie. It’s a Hong Kong movie. It’s a movie sponsored by Ralph Lauren. It’s all of these things in one action packed hour-and-thirty-six minutes, and it can still be found where we originally stumbled up on it—right on Netflix! So, finally, Netflix is good for something, and also, finally, your Gooble Gobble Guys have a reason to exist. We love arguing about movies, sure, but what about commodification? Corporatization? ­Entourage-ication? We discuss these issues in the broadest of strokes, and stroke our egos in one hand while petting our staunch preconceptions and opinions with the other. But don’t worry, our mouths have their eyes on the prize, and that’s giving you gooblers and gobblers out there a new movie to consider! Catch this new episode, and then check out the movie!

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