Episode 10 – Can’t Stop The Music



Can’t Stop The Music stars Steve Guttenberg. Are you excited? It’s also the origin story of The Village People. The band. Remember them? Are you getting more excited? And they also star in Can’t Stop The Music. Are you inappropriately excited? Are you naked yet? Good. Get naked. Get crazy. Because this movie is awful. Or it’s great. Or it’s just okay. Listen to your Gooble Gobble Guys debate in a three-way argument for the ages. Our tenth episode is a doozy. It’s fun, it’s depressing, it’s passionate, it’s stupid, it’s everything you value in Gooble Gobble, plus a healthy discussion of Steven Robert Guttenberg. Listen to the episode. Sing along. And dance along. And then cry along. And then die along. We got the privilege of seeing this on Netflix, but you’ll have to rent this sucker for the going rate of 3US$ from any number of streaming platforms, including Amazon Video, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.

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