Episode 9 – Act of Vengeance aka Rape Squad


Act of Vengeance aka Rape Squad sounds like just another schlocky 70s B-movie playing up the nudity and violence so popular in these cinematic sewer dwellers. And in many ways, Rape Squad doesn’t disappoint. But if you shovel through the sludge, what you’ll find just might upset your preconceived notions of the merits of such films. With a pinch of feminist sensibility and a whole lot of women kicking the ass of every type of male chauvinist/misogynist—from the truck drivers cracking unsavory jokes to the psychotic serial rapist—Act of Vengeance deserves a closer look than most would grant it. Listen to your Gooble Gobble guys wade through the murky waters of this controversial flick, and help determine if schlock really does rock around the clock. We found Act of Vengeance on Netflix, but you can find it today on Amazon Video for rent (or for free, if you happen to be one of those tasty Prime members).

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