Episode 8 – Crucible of Horror


Crucible of Horror is an English horror film from the 70’s that, while obviously about a horrible subject matter (the relentless psychological and physical abuse a tyrannical but otherwise well-mannered father inflicts on his daughter and wife), keeps a sophisticated air about it. Oh those Brits, with their incredible ability to repress. Crucible of Horror is part awesome and part not awesome. It just depends on where you aim your focus. While it isn’t the greatest horror film, and it isn’t the most graphic horror film, and with Spencer questioning if it’s even a horror film at all, we think if you need an unsettling evening, this mother trucker will scratch your itch, you sicky! Crucible of Horror was a Netflix find that has since disappeared, though if you want to go old school you can purchase the DVD on Amazon, or keep searching for it out there in the Internet-iverse.

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