Episode 7 – Time Stalkers

Time Stalkers:

On this episode of Gooble Gobble, we try the tried and true Made-For-TV-Movie, an underappreciated pseudo-genre of sorts that usually promises to at least be a bizarre cinematic experience. But boy were we not ready for the spectacularly crappy, immensely stupid, and perfectly amazing Time Stalkers, by Michael Shultz (no relation to Charles Schulz, because there’s a “T” missing), starring the one-of-a-kind William Devane, the one-of-a-kind-lunatic Klaus Kinski, and a slew of pop culture amoebas and some striking objects. 1987 is now famous for two things—being Jules’ birth year, and Time Stalkers! We caught it on Netflix, but it’s gone from there. Luckily it can be found on YouTube, or maybe even still on TV!

Catch Time Stalkers HERE


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